Multi server install issue

Nov 25, 2010 at 6:12 PM

Our provider is coming along strongly now, thanks to the great help we have received here.

We are now testing and have come across a stumbling block as far as setup goes. The following is from our test manager:


When you run the InstallProvider.cmd on the first SharePoint Server (RBSTEST-1) the Machine.config will be updated with the <file> provider information. That works on the first server where you run the InstallProvider.cmd, but on the second SharePoint Server (RBSTEST-2) the file Machine.config is not updated, because you can’t run the InstallProvider.cmd for a second time to the same Database (provider is already installed). Microsoft also say run this only on one SharePoint Server!? How does that system know what to use?

Attempted solution:

I created a new WebApp with a new database where the webapp points to the RBSTEST-2, run the InstallProvider.cmd and the machine.config is updated. Doing this manual, copy and paste the entries from the Machine.config on the first server doesn’t work..SharePoint goes down.


Does anyone have a clue with this? What is the suggested way to install providers on multiple severs?