Use of RBS from thick client

May 14, 2010 at 6:52 PM


I am working on a project where we are using SQL Server 2008 from a thick client (all managed code) and we are exploring technologies to use for blob storage.  I have implemented a simple WinForms app which uses the RBS client and file system provider to store files.  Works great from my dev machine which has SQL Server on it and where I did the installation of the file provider.  I struggling a bit with getting this application deployed on another machine.  If I x-copy my exe and Microsoft.Data.SqlRemoteBlobs.dll onto the test machine, I get the dread "No provider of type <File> found."... error.  I have tried :

1) also x-copied in Microsoft.Data.BlobStores.FileBlobStore.dll

2) added config sections to my test application's app.config file

3) added config sections to machine.config file(s) on the test machine

Can you provide any advice/assistance?  Is there any documentation for deployment under this scenario?  Is this use case in line with what is invisioned for RBS?



May 14, 2010 at 7:52 PM

I did figure out my specific issue, Microsoft.Data.BlobStores.FileBlobStore.dll was version but I had Microsoft.Data.SqlRemoteBlobs.dll version  Through the setup on my dev machine, a re-direct was somehow installed.  Doing a redirect in the app.config of my test application resolved the issue.

Any comments on this appropriateness of this use case or further documentation on deployment would still be appreciated.